Mar Mar’s History

The story behind the founding of Mar Mar’s Barkery.

A few years ago, I lost a long time companion of mine. She adopted me. I had 16 years with her
and she passed. I was not ready for another dog right away. Then, out of the blue, Clark Country
Humane reached out looking for foster homes for dogs coming from high kill shelters in Tennessee. I
knew I wasn’t ready to get a dog so I thought that fostering would be a great way to help out less fortunate
dogs and help me through the healing process. I was given Hope as my foster dog. Hope was pregnant
and if she didn’t get a foster home she and all the unborn pups were to be euthanized. I stepped in and
took in Hope.

A few weeks later, she gave birth to 8 puppies! What a household full! As the weeks went
on, the puppies needed names. So with the help of one of my grandsons we named them. He was into
Paw Patrol BIG time and it just so happens 8 Paw Patrol dogs and 8 puppies. So each pup was named
after a character.

The weeks turned into months, Hope and the pups were to go back to the shelter to get their
furever homes. It was very hard to see them at the shelter, I cried as I said goodbye to them but knew they
would be in good hands. The humane society said that since I fostered, I could have the choice of the litter. I
wasn’t sure if I was ready to get another dog yet and how does one pick one out of 8 when they all had
great personalities and I grew attached to them all?! I told the shelter whichever puppy had the last
adoption pending application would be the one I’d adopt. So I guess I was ready for a new member of the
family. The one I ended up with is Marshall! He has a variety of nicknames, Mar Mar is one of them. I
named the barkery in his name. I guess we can say it is his barkery!!